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April 24, 2024 Austin Neighborhoods Council Hybrid General Membership Meeting Supplemented Agenda

Hi Members,

Here is the supplemented agenda for the April 24th meeting that includes the links to the presentations and contact information for our guest speakers.

Anna Pittala, ANC Co-Communications Coordinator

Austin Neighborhoods Council

Virtual General Membership Meeting

April 24, 2024, 7:00 – 8:30 PM

Supplemented Agenda

IMPORTANT: When signing in to join the Zoom Meeting, please add your affiliation to ANC to your name to ensure you can participate in the meeting. We will be more than happy to assist anyone needing help adding their affiliation information. Anyone signing in with no affiliation to ANC will be bounced off the meeting. Thank you for your assistance.

6:30 - 7:00 Sign-into Zoom meeting and social network time

7:00 - 7:04 Call to Order/Welcome by Jeff Bowen, ANC V-P1 Welcome New ANC Members, Membership Reminder

7:04 – 7:06 Candidate introductions: Doug Greco - Mayor (2 max minutes each)

7:05-7:10 COA Historic Preservation- Cara Bertron - Preservation plan website:, Digital toolkit: (comments open through May 31!)

7:10-7:13 May 4 Election - Jeff Bowen - Three Travis Central Appraisal District Board of Directors

7:06 – 7:56 Austin Transit Partnership – Alvin Livingstone, Deron Lozano, & Jocelyn Vokes, Austin Light Rail Implementation Plan plus Q&A,, ATP Board Mtgs

7:56 – 8:08 Vote on H.O.M.E. Phase 2 Resolution – Facilitated by Jeff Bowen, ANC V-P 1 - passed, no nays, 1 abstention

8:08 –8:20 H.O.M.E. Phase 2, Compatibility, and ETOD Update – Barbara McArthur, ANC V-P 2 Map showing how many 2,000 square foot lots you could put in existing lots (green is SF1, SF-2, SF-3):, Explainer for this map and more info:, Explainer for all three:

8:20 Announcements

8:32 Adjourn

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