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We focus our advocacy in the following areas:    

  • Rewrite of the Land Development Code:​ The land development code is the city law that defines what can be built where it can be built within Austin and it is expected to be modified. For example, it  defines how big buildings can be, how much impervious cover is allowed on a given lot, how far buildings should be set back from the road,  and what environmental features must be protected  - it is the plan to rezone all Austin properties. For example, ANC advocates for neighborhood protection, affordable housing implementation and other neighborhood friendly policies.

  • McKalla Soccer Stadium:  Precourt plans to build a privately financed $200 million, 20,000 seat stadium at the city-owned McKalla Place tract near the Domain. The city approved the initial stadium deal in 2018. Affordable housing had been planned for that property prior to the soccer stadium approval.

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