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ANC Committee Assignments January 2019

Land Development Committee: 

Barbara McArthur, Chair email

Daniel Llanes
Jeffery Bowen
Seth Fowler
Linda Bailey
Jeff Jack
Joyce Basciano (help with LDC committee)

Jules Kniolek (ANC member)

Carolyn Reynolds (ANC member)

Stephen Kreuger

Strategy (Strategic Planning) Committee:

Jim Lear, Co-Chair email

Jeffery Bowen, Co-Chair email

Justin Irving
Bo McCarver
Mindy Sutton
Joyce Basciano
Linda Bailey
Barbara McArthur (help with Strategy Committee)

Marc Duchen

Bylaws Committee:

Joyce Basciano, Chair email

Justin Irving

Jeff Jack

Pat King

Tenants Concerns Committee:

Justin Irving, Chair email

Barbara McArthur (coordinate with Tenants Concerns Committee)

Daniel Llanes
Pat King

To sign up for a committee, email the chairperson and let them know which neighborhood  you are in and why you are interested in joining the committee.
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