ANC meetings are informative with presentations of key issues, current ordinances, and other City business that may affect many neighborhoods. Programs include speakers from specific city departments, elected officials, and other recognized subject experts. As issues and opportunities come up during the year, the agenda is flexible enough to accommodate time ­sensitive citywide and neighborhood matters.

2020 Agendas
July 22, 2020
Click for ANC July Agenda
June 24, 2020
Click for ANC June Agenda
May 27, 2020
Click for ANC May Agenda
April 22, 2020
Click for ANC April Agenda
March 25, 2020
Click for ANC March Agenda
February 26, 2020
Click for ANC February Agenda
ANC February 2020 Presentations
January 22, 2020
Click for ANC January Agenda
ANC January 2020 Presentations
2019 Agendas
October 23
Click for ANC October Agenda
ANC October Presentations
September 25
Click for ANC September Agenda
Click for ANC September Minutes 
ANC September Presentations
August 28
Click for ANC August Agenda
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ANC August Presentations
July 24
Click for ANC July Agenda
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ANC July Presentations
June 26
Click for ANC June Agenda
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ANC June Presentations
May 22
Click for ANC May Agenda
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ANC May Presentations
April 24 Cancelled
Mar 27
Click for the ANC March Agenda
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ANC March Presentations
  • 2019 ANC Budget
Feb 27
Click for the ANC February Agenda
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ANC February Presentations
Jan 23
ANC January Agenda
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January Presentations

2018 Agendas

October 24

 ANC October Agenda

October  Presentations

September 26

Click for the ANC September 26 Candidate Forum Agenda





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